Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Wind Ridge, August 14, 2011
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The southern slopes of Wind Ridge are covered in lush green grass and flowers in mid August. This year they were also home to hundreds of large dragonflies on the hunt.My sister, Keri, flew out for a visit and chose this as our destination to explore in the Rockies.West Wind Pass is a great hike for families, but it looks impossible to get to from this side. Mount Birdwood and Smuts are the pointed peaks in the distance with White Man Mtn visible between them.Rimwall and "the Orphan" make a nice backdrop in this summit view.The sheep trails in this shot look like they come awfully close to some of those cliffbands.Keri really enjoyed this location and we were lucky to have such nice weather the whole day.I never get tired of Mount Lougheed and this is a new angle of it for me.The glaciers must be melting like crazy to turn the Bow River such a vivid turquoise.Three sisters as seen from the top. This angle is in Pink Floyd's video "Learning to Fly."The dividing line between the north and south slopes is quite fascinating.A panorama from earlier in the day when we reached the first clearing.This shows the best part of the summit view.Here is one last wider view on the way down.