Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Tent Ridge II, September 21, 2013
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The Fist and Mount Smuts look very impressive from Tent Ridge's eastern high point. The connecting ridge to the true summit can be seen on the lower right.Commonwealth Peak, Pig's Tail, and Mount Birdwood make up the great looking nearby trio. Mount Sir Douglas is behind them with its summit in the clouds.On the way over to the true summit a snow squall came in and made me consider turning back.The ridge to the north is one of my favorite traverses in K-country. Too bad the conditions were less than ideal this time.The Fist looks like a whole different peak from this angle. Commonwealth Peak is in behind to the left.I chose to gain the ridge by hiking to Tryst Lake first since I had never seen it before.The Larches were quite late changing color this year. Usually this is their prime for yellow needles.Its amazing all the varieties of lichen that grow high in the Rockies.Mount Shark dominates this view with Watridge Lake in the valley beyond. The Bryant Creek Valley which leads to Mount Assiniboine area is directly above the lake.The reward for perservering in adverse conditions was this view of Old Goat Mountain and Mount Nestor "steaming" after the storm passed.The sky opened up as I neared the end of the ridge and granted this view with the Windtower, Mount Lougheed, and Mount Buller above Spray Lake.Mount Engadine and the Tower also reappeared briefly. I had no idea that the weather would soon deteriorate into torrential downpours.A last look towards Spray Lake before I drop back into the woods. Not long after this I got completely soaked as I hiked back in the dark to my vehicle.This is a panorama I took earlier of Tryst Lake and The Fist.