Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | "Grass Pass Ridge," May 28, 2016
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Riley poses beside one of the massive trees on the way to Grass Pass.Sharon and Amy emerge from the Aspen forest with Mount Burke rising in the distance. The new leaves on the trees were a gorgeous lime green color.The ridge did get a bit higher than this, but it disappeared into the forest and we knew the views would be lost. Mount Head is on the far left.Holy Cross Mountain (on the left) still has snow marking its namesake, although it is not as obvious from this angle.Gunnery Mountain rises above Riley with the peaks of the Divide in the distance. Baril Peak is the highest.The sun made a brief appearance as we headed down. The most pointy peak in the distance is Pyriform Mountain.Bob Spirko calls the peaks across the valley "Miller Creek Hills."  Mount Burke is the farthest summit on the right.Baril Peak catches a bit of sun through holes in the clouds.Riley heads down through the inviting meadows.