Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Unnamed Summit West of Cirque Peak, July 7, 2013
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I had to return to the Bow Lake area in summer to enjoy the vivid coloration of the lake. Last time I was scrambling near here everything was covered in a thick blanket of snow.Western Anemones are on of the first flowers to appear after the snow has gone.The varieties of lichen growing on the rocks up here were impressive, as were the ever improving views to the west!This is looking south to the north end of "Crystal Ridge" and the Crowfoot Glacier on the right. Mount Temple is visible is the distance, just left of center.Num-Ti-Jah lodge's red roof really contrasted with Bow Lake's turquoise waters.Quill Peak caught my attention from here and may warrant a future trip although it is very remote. I believe the orange colored mountain in front of it is Conical Peak.Looking north from the summit you can see Patterson, Howse, White Pyramid, Chephren, And nearby on the right is Observation Peak.I find the forms of White Pyramid and Mount Chephren very aesthetically pleasing, but I don't know if I have what it takes to climb either.Cirque Peak's west cliffs were fascinating, especially from this close vantage.Dolomite Peak looks so out of place compared to other mountains in the area, but it is gorgeous! Mount Andromache and Hector can be seen on the right.This is the view from just west of the true summit as you can't actually see the full lake from it. a good portion of the Wapta Icefield is visible across the valley.Yet another unusual pattern in the snow. Red algae seems to have built up more densely in the vein-like drainage channels on top of these snow patches.Cirque Peak's gentle ascent slopes can be seen in front of Dolomite Peak. Noseeum Mountain is in the center of this photo.The cloud shadows creeping across the icefields were quite mesmerizing.Looking back at orange-colored Cirque Peak and the more brownish unnamed summit I went to on its right.What a beautiful area! Mount Temple and Lefroy are the ice-covered peaks in the distance, with the much closer peak on the right being an outlier of Crowfoot Mountain.Just about to disappear into the trees and my favorite warm lighting is spreading across the landscape.This is the best look I have ever had of St. Nicholas Peak. What a great way to end a trip!