Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Unnamed Summit East of Andromache, September 28, 2008
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My first great view of Molar Mountain looking east from Hector Pass. New snow and yellow Larches made it especially stunning.Here is a closer look at Molar's amazing northern cliffs.Little Hector with a fresh layer of snow. The Goodsirs, Odaray, and Cathedral are on the horizon.Dolomite Peak dominates this view. White Pyramid, Chephren, Observation Pk, and Mt. Weed are beyond.Oxo Peak, the tip of Cline's summit merged above another peak (possibly Marmota), Quill Peak, and Bobac.The summit of Andromache is on the right and has a lower elevation than where I am standing. Mount Balfour is the distant glaciated peak towering above Hector Lake.The view of the glacier between Mount Hector and Little Hector is a must see for scramblers.This shows some of the crevasses on Hector.One last look at yet another of my favorite peaks in the Rockies.