Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Unnamed Two Summits South of Observation Peak, October 17, 2010
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This is the view of one of my favorite scrambles, Observation Peak, as seen from the West Peak.Mount Baker dominates the view west. Mount Sir Donald is just visible to its left.I never get tired of the Bow Lake area. The peak casting a shadow on the lake is Little Crowfoot and it has a great view for such a small mountain.This is an unusual view of Cirque Peak's north face. My ascent started behind the cliff in the lower right and popped out at the cliff band left of center.White Pyramid and Chephren look amazing this time of year. Yet again Mount Columbia can be seen in the distance, this time to the left of White Pyramid.This view shows the valley I came up. Bow Peak and Crowfoot Mountain rise above Crystal Ridge. Mount Assiniboine is visible in the extreme distance on the left.Peyto Lake's color seems to pop even more with fresh snow on the mountains.In the foreground is the East Peak as seen from the West one. The strange shaped peak on the left is Watermelon Peak and in the centre is Cataract Peak.One last look at Peyto Lake and Mount Patterson. Mount Forbes is the pointy peak on the right.Here I am on the East Peak with the West one right above my head.