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All of these peaks to the northwest are unnamed. The ridge never breaks tree-line, but at least its west slopes are open.Devil's Head and Blackrock Mountain dominate the views in this area.Even without any leaves, Trembling Aspens are still interesting to look art because of their black and white bark.Here is a closer look at Devil's Head. This mountain is among my all time favorite peaks in the rockAmy's impromptu shelter she built. She didn't really need it as this was a really mild day for February.Mount McDougall and Old Baldy Peak are stunning even though they are over 40 km away.I think everyone enjoyed this trip despite the cow droppings and constant shooting guns in the distance.It was nice to head down the grassy slopes and not have to worry about Wood Ticks.Dark shadows can make any landscape look more dramatic.Sharon is still all smiles, so I must have not overdone it on this trip!