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Baril Peak was one of the few mountains on the divide that did not remain hidden in the clouds all day.It was fascinating watching wind gusts blow the snow off the tops of the trees.On the sheltered side of the ridge much of the vegetation was covered in hoar frost.Even though this is a lowly ridge, I still enjoyed getting out and the scenery was worth the effort. Baril Peak is the highest in this photo with Cornwell Peak just right of center.These hoar frost covered bushes almost look like dead coral.I was not interested in continuing to the south end even though I knew it was higher. Mount Burke is in the distance on the left with Plateau Mountain to its right.I love the way spindrift looks on these massive peaks. This is Baril Peak again.Holy Cross Mountain is dead center in this shot with tree-covered Junction Hill on the extreme left, Mount Head left of center, and the much lower Gunnery Mountain on the right.Mist Mountain looms to the north. It is the highest peak I have been up in this area and a highly recommended trip.I thought that these ice formations in the canyon looked pretty cool.Surprisingly my favorite shot of the day was not even taken in the mountains. The severe winds stirred up the snow cover and created incredible scenes such as this one.