Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Quartz Hill (West Summit), September 22, 2012
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Catlin Peak and a spectacular unnamed spire were a highlight as we passed Rock Isle Lake.Riley and Amy take a break on some ground covered in frost heaves.We all really enjoyed the open terrain on the way to Quartz Hill. The true summit is on the left, but we were happy with the view from the peak on the right.My sister Keri poses in front of the most amazing stand of Larches I have ever seen. The Monarch is the dominant peak behind her.This is one of a group of White-tailed Ptarmigan that greeted us at the summit.Sharon really enjoyed exploring this area.Riley looks proud as he stands atop the west summit. The east peak is to the right of him.The view down the Simpson River valley was obscured by a control burn on nearby Octopus Mountain.Keri and Sharon relax at the summit on an unbelievably warm September day (27 degrees Celcius). Mount Bourgeau and the Sunshine Ski area are behind them.This angle of the Monarch really grabbed my attention. The terrain near the summit was very invitingHere's the full group on the summit.I love seeing unfamiliar scenery as it feels exotic even though it is so close to home.This shot just came together as we were descending. As I looked over at Amy, I knew I had to take a picture!More of the gentle slopes with The Monarch behind.Amy and the incredible Larches.Rock Isle Lake just before we returned to the Lodge to catch the bus.