Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Helena Ridge and Unnamed Summit to the East, September 16, 2012
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It's hard to believe that this was my eighth time on the long hike up behind Castle Mountain. This is Tower Lake with impressive Eisenhower Tower behind it.I came here a week too early for the Larches to be fully yellow. The contrast of the needles and the dark cliffs above Rockbound Lake was still quite stunning though.This is Helena Ridge which would be my second summit of the day, I first headed for a peak to the east of it.I always found the rock in this area to be fascinating. I have no idea how this formed.Rockbound Lake must be seen from above to be fully appreciated.This angle shows Eisenhower Tower, Castle's south summit, and Mount Ball is the high icy peak in the distance.The further east I headed, the better the view got. You can see both Tower and Rockbound Lakes in this shot.Noetic Peak is on the left of this shot and as far as I can tell everything else is unnamed.There is another highpoint further southeast, but I decided to save it for another day. Mystic Peak is the highest on the left of this picture.Tower Lake almost looked fake compared to its surroundings.This is my new favorite angle of Castle Mountain. I could have sat here all day and soaked in the view.The lakes far below the eastern cliffs were a colorful and pleasant surprise.This is the view southeast from the unnamed peak east of Helena Ridge. I initially traversed below this point to the ridge seen on the extreme right to get my favorite shot of Castle.The way to my next goal can be seen here. Yet another surprise on this trip was this cool tarn with icebergs on it.I met a nice Swiss couple on the summit of Helena Ridge and they took this photo for me.The peak I just came from was surprisingly colorful from this aspect.The Castle Mountain environs are a long haul to reach but they are one of a kind.Mount Ishbel and Mount Rundle can be seen beyond the southern highpoint of the ridge connected to Helena.Pulsatilla Mountain looks like a really long trip. I wouldn't mind checking out nearby Pulsatilla Pass someday as it looks beautiful.Even though it is quite far away, Mount Assiniboine still helps make this view incredible.