Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | "Desolate Peak," July 25, 2010
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This was one of the beautiful waterfalls that helped ease the pain of a forest full of deadfall.Above the trees is a vast alpine landscape with a view of Cirrus Mountain's summit on the right.The cliffs to the west are daunting and the peaks are unnamed. This landscape is why I came up with the name "Desolate."Once at the col you are confronted by this mind-blowing view of yet another unnamed mountain.Lighthouse Tower (aka Cleopatra's Needle) and other interesting pinnacles are visible on the ridges left of Mt SaskatchewanMy favorite view of the day and yet another spectacular Rockies vista.From left to right are Stutfield, Alberta, Nigel, Woolley, and Diadem.Just right of centre is a mountain I went up last fall, Sunwapta Peak.Here I am at the summit (self timer). Mount Cline is distant left and Mount Amery is distant right.This was the first time I have ever seen the amazing Mount Bryce.Mount Stewart is a massive mountain in the White Goat Wilderness.The colorful Cataract Pass area definitely warrants more exploring. Sunwapta Peak is the highest mountain in the upper right.A close-up of the fantastic peak to the southeast with Cirrus Mountain to the right.One last look before descending the col.