Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | "Ochre Creek Mountain," September 6, 2014
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This was my first scramble in Kootenay National Park and I couldn't have asked for a nicer day. The only bad part of this trip is that the 2013 floods took out the bridge for the shorter approach.Sometimes it would be good to know more about geology especially when there are crazy rocks like this one.Tumbling Peak is a great looking mountain along the famous Rockwall Trail.I have never seen so many grasshoppers on a mountain before this. These guys were everywhere.This is the view I came to see, the incredible Goodsir Towers rising above Sharp Mountain. I really lucked out with the clear skies and fresh snow.Stanley Peak also had its appearance enhanced with the early snow.I was surprised that the much lower Sentry Peak held this cloud instead of its lofty neighbor, Mount Goodsir.You can see most of my ascent route starting from the avalanche gully near Ochre Creek. Foster Peak is the pointed Mountain on the centre horizon.Looking back into Alberta and Storm Mountain (on the left).Here is the view of the Goodsir Towers as seen from the summit with Helmet Mountain on the left.The fires of 2003 completely destroyed a huge area of forest in this area including this spot along Tokumm Creek.This view was a surprise. Biddle, Hungabee, Deltaform, and Allen are all giants in the Lake Louise area. Strange to see the backs of these peaks, especially Deltaform of Moraine Lake fame.Mount Temple really caught my attention too. Hard to believe I was ever up there!What a fantastic day!Here's another look at Deltaform (on the right) before I drop below the ridge.Foster Peak is probably the most attractive mountain on the Rockwall and I definitely want to get a closer look someday. It was shrouded in clouds when I went to nearby Floe Lake 15 years ago.Vermilion Peak is probably the most popular scramble in this area. Mount Assiniboine is the snow covered peak to its right.This looked so inviting and was a great way to end the day.