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I was completely soaked at this point due to the snow rapidly melting off the treetops. Victoria Peak is on the left and Pincher Ridge is on the right.Not long after I emerged from the trees I saw this ridge covered with fresh slides. Once I got to higher ground I heard a rumble and looked back to see the closest avalanche yet!The prairies stretch endlessly beyond the east end of the ridge which connects to Loaf Mountain.The ridge walk to the summit was spectacular with all the fresh snow. It did get a bit tricky in the section where you can see the boulders sticking out of the snow.There are so many great ridge walking possibilities in the Castle Wilderness. Loaf Mountain is on the left.Victoria Peak, Pincher Ridge, and Prairie Bluff have all been rewarding summits I have visited over the years. Centre Peak is visible in the extreme distance just above Prairie Bluff.Here I am on the summit looking towards Loaf Mountain and the tricky bit of ridge I traversed just west of the summit in the foreground. Kinnerly Peak in Montana is visible on the very left horizon.The tilted strata looked incredible from this angle and the snow really accentuated it.No trip to this area would be complete without seeing the always gorgeous Windsor Mountain and Castle Peak! Mount Haig is the pointy snow covered peak on the left,Here is a wider shot showing the valley with the road that I biked to get to the base of my ascent.This shot shows the drop off on the east side of the ridge west of the summit. Mount Blakiston is the highest peak on the left.This is my favorite shot of the day. Pincher Ridge looked incredible from this angle and I love the moodiness of the sky.The holes in the cloud cover made ethereal scenes like this possible. What an incredible day!By the time I got back to this point, the snow was isothermal and I even saw another avalanche in the same vicinity as the previous one.