Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Mount Crandell, October 26, 2013
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Everytime I head south it seems like there are more of these windmills erected. Victoria Peak, Windsor Mountain, Castle Peak, and Mount Gladstone are visible in the distance.The Prince of Wales Hotel is perfectly at home in these surroundings.This was my favorite photo from this trip, even though it was taken nowhere near the summit!I was surprised to find a healthy looking flower this late in the season. I am not sure what kind it is though.Seeing the sun reflect off a large body of water when you are above it is an incredible spectacle. This is the Upper Waterton Lake.Longknife Peak is one of my favorite mountains across the border in the U.S. Mount Rowe is below it on the right.Chief Mountain in Montana pokes out from behind Sofa Mountain.Yet another impressive American peak is Mount Cleveland. It rises almost 1600 metres above Upper Waterton Lake.Here's a wider view of the valley with the Akamina Parkway in it. Longknife Peak, Mount Rowe, and Mount Lineham tower above the highway.Mount Crandell's southwest side is much more dramatic than all its other aspects. I am not positive, but I think the haze was from forest fire smoke and it only affected the views to the south.The highest peak in Waterton Park, Mount Blakiston, can be seen on the left of this shot. The gentle west ridge of Crandell is in the foreground.I actually enjoyed the view of the lake better from below the summit on Crandell's east ridge. The Prince of Wales Hotel is visible bottom center with the hamlet of Waterton to its right.Vimy Peak is another mountain I would like to summit sometime. Middle Waterton Lake is below it.The sunset near Pincher Creek was quite fiery looking. Mount Darrah is the peak with two close together bumps on its summit left of center.