Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Unnamed Summit East of Mount Noyes, September 12, 2015
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I am sure I have said it before, but Mount Chephren is really hard not to photograph when you see it! This is the view just west of the parking lot.Most of my bushwhacking trips involve going through hundreds of spiderwebs, which can be nasty when they break across your face. Once in awhile though they do become a thing of beauty.Mount Breaker is a nice looking peak on the other side of the Icefields Parkway. This is the view looking west from Silverhorn Creek drainage in the upper valley.An outlier of Mount Noyes towers over you as you go deeper into this peaceful valley.Between the two mountains in the distance is a weakness which grants access to high ridges which eventually connect to distant Conical Peak. I chose a different destination today though.High in a cirque to the north of the Silverhorn Creek Valley, you get your first glimpse of Mount Noyes.Mount Weed looks stunning from this side. I bet few, if any people have seen it from here before.The grey slopes below the more orangish scree are the easiest way to gain the ridge. Easy is relative though, as this section was relentlessly steep and loose.The last time I was this close to the incredible 11,000er Recondite Peak, was when I scrambled up Observation Peak.The ever improving views of Mount Noyes were my main motivation on this day.Most of the Silverhorn Creek drainage can be seen below Mount Weed. The most distant summit on the left is Observation Peak.This shot is from the summit of my objective. The nearby, higher mountain was not easy to reach thanks to a 60 meter drop which included cornices, a cliff, and sketchy snow covered terrain.I really like the cliffs on the peak in the foreground! Mount Erasmus is in the distance on the left with snowy Mount Amery in the center and part of Mount Murchison can be seen on the right.Quill Peak is very remote and out of my league (for now). Mount Loudon and Siffleur Mountain are the pointy peaks in the distance.This is the view from the summit and there was no sign of a cairn anywhere. I was not surprised as there are other loftier summits with names all around. Mount Chephren is just left of Noyes.A much more hazy view of Mount Breaker with Mistaya Lake below it.Mount Noyes was definitely the most incredible sight on this trip. You would never know that I was being bombarded by cold, strong winds when this photo was taken.Marmota Peak is the dominant mountain in this shot with Porcupine Lake far below part of the slopes of Mount Loudon on the right.Here is a closer look at the impressive cliffs on Spreading Peak's outlier. Part of Mount Erasmus can be seen on the extreme left and Bison Peak is the highest on the right.This view of Mount Weed in the late day light was a great way to end an awesome trip!