Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Coyote Hills, January 6, 2014
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Baril Peak is the highest mountain in this shot of the divide. It is hard to tell from this shot, but this was a very challenging snowshoe trip, especially going up east facing slopes in deep powder.The winds were very strong on this trip and amazing Lenticular Clouds filled the sky all day. Plateau Mountain looks tiny compared to this particular formation.Mount Muir and Mount McPhail are among the most stunning peaks in the Highwood area. As with all mountains, the snow really enhances their strata lines.On the far left is Mount Head and Holy Cross Mountain is the highest peak to its right. You can really see how windy it was everywhere.Here is a wider view of the divide, this time with an unnamed peak between Mount Armstrong and Maclaren dominating the left side of the shot.Mount Burke's entire ascent ridge can be seen here and you can just make out the old wooden lookout structure on the summit. Sentinel Peak is on the far right.The edge of a Chinook Arch is quite defined to the east of Highway 40.This is just below the summit and was a bit challenging with the deep snow and steep slopes. I love the clouds above Raspberry Ridge!Strawberry Hills in the foreground look like a pleasant destination some time in the future. Mount Bishop is the highest peak on the left and Mist Mountain is the highest on the right.Back at the road the sky was still putting on a show above Mount Head.