Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Unnamed Ridges North of Lake Minnewanka, September 1, 2014
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I had a hunch that the ridges north of Lake Minnewanka would yield spectacular views! Mount Girouard and Inglismaldie were more impressive from up here than I had imagined.Boat traffic was non-stop on this day. The horizontal ripples are leftovers from the wake of one of the tour boats.Girouard and Inglismaldie look like they could be in a scene from Lord of the Rings when seen from the alpine tundra on one of the ridges.Cliffs like these bar easy access to this area from the shores of the lake. I had to go through a narrow canyon north of the bridge over the Cascade River to get to this spot.Two tour boats are overshadowed by the immense environs in this shot I took from the summit of one of the ridges.The landscape up here just begged to be explored. I went to the top of the closer peak and later in the day thought I would try to tag the far one, but it proved too steep and loose for my tired self.This was my favorite view of the trip, especially with the dramatic lighting.Mount Aylmer looked awesome from the crest of the east ridge I attempted to summit. The final section before the true summit appeared too technical and loose.I wish I knew more about fossils as these were some of the most interesting I have ever found.I really enjoyed this ridgewalk and made it to three highpoints before I was turned around by the cliffs below the summit. Aylmer Lookout is the bald topped ridge on the lower left.Devil's Head is unmistakeable from any angle.This is the closest I got to Mount Aylmer and Aylmer Pass. It looks like a colorful area. Too bad the sun wasn't cooperating at this point in my trip.Looking back from my high point. The views were actually way better at the other end of the ridge.Mount Costigan (tall one in shadow) is one of the higher peaks in the area and seldom climbed as it is quite remote.I believe the high mountain on the left is Saddle Peak. Most people never see down this section of Lake Minnewanka.Not long after I took this shot I was hit by a squall which blew sharp snow pellets at me. Cascade Mountain is on the right of this photo.The bump to the right of the true summit is how far I made it up this particular ridge.This rock must have had a vein of Iron in it as it looks like rust is pouring out of it.