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The first view of The Sharkfin aka Talon Peak (on right) after emerging from the forest.A closer look at Sharkfin/Talon Peak.Sharkfin/Talon Peak and Mount Soderholm rise above a massive limstone plateau.Self portrait part way up with Mount King Albert, Mount Back, and Mount Cradock in the distance.Looking east to Mount Smuts, The Tower, Galatea, and Birdwood.Lockwood Peak is overshadowed by the awesome Royal Group in the distance.Along the horizon are Nestor, Windtower, three Lougheed peaks (Mount Shark below), and Sparrowhawk.Mount Sir Douglas with fresh snow.An awesome view of Sharkfin/Talon Peak and it's surroundings from the false summit of White Man Mountain's East Peak.One last look south before dropping into the forest.