Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Akamina Ridge, September 17, 2011
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This patch of snow above Wall Lake had an interesting tunnel melted through it from a small stream.I really liked the dramatic lighting on this outlier of Long Knife Peak.Mount Alderson rises above the famous Carthew-Alderson Summit trail.Mount Custer is one of the few American peaks that was not shrouded in clouds when I first got to the top. After this I continued to the east peak of Akamina.Miche Wabun Peak and Kaina Mountain tower over a group of hikers coming up from Forum Lake.This is looking west towards the true summit where I just came from.South of Akamina's outlier are Mount Peabody, Kintla Peak, and the gorgeous Kinnerly Peak. You can see the cutline for the Canadian-American border in the trees on the right.Festubert Mountain, with its greens and mauves, has to be one of the most unusually colored mountains I have ever seen.The mountains just across the border in Glacier National Park were incredible, especially Kinnerly Peak.Miche Wabun Peak, Kaina Mountain, Kaiser Point, and part of Mount Cleveland make up a rugged backdrop above the sunlit east end of Akamina Ridge.A last look at Kinnerly.Long Knife was another amazing mountain, and the 200 metre high nunatuk was fascinating. The summit is in the United States, but the nunatuk is in British Columbia.This shows both my ascent and descent route from Wall Lake. Akamina Ridge is on the right.A panorama from the lower west peak with the true summit on the left. The clouds were too low when I was on the summit to take a good pano.