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This is one of the most perfect Bunchberry plants I have ever seen.Mount Nestor dominate's the view with Spray Lake showing a beautiful aqua color that I have not seen before.The final ascent couldn't be more straight forward. Mount Sparrowhawk's summit block can be seen far above.Mount Assiniboine appears to the left of Mount Nestor. You can only see it once you get close to the summit of Read's Tower.Here is more of Spray Lake with Goat Pond in the distance. Big Sister is on the right.Mount Sparrowhawk seems to hold on to snow longer than most peaks in Kananaskis. You can see a small shack at the col which I believe was built when this area was a candidate for the 1988 Olympics.Mount Nestor and Old Goat Mountain are spectacular peaks from this angle. Eon Mountain (pointy one) and Mount Assiniboine can be seen in the distance.One of the Sparrowhawk Tarns can be seen in the valley in this shot. Red Peak is close in the center with James Walker, Fortress, Galatea, and The Tower all visible on the horizon.I left Sharon, Amy, Riley, and my sister Keri back on Read's Ridge while I did this ascent.White-tailed Ptarmigan are unbelievably tame compared to most bird species in the Rockies.Keri really enjoyed this trip and we couldn't have asked for better conditions.Riley and Keri head back to the ridge after exploring the saddle just below Read's Tower.I love exploring the mountains with Riley and Amy.Sharon and Riley pose with Mount Nestor on this glorious day.The panorama from the ridge is nearly as good as that from the top of Read's Tower.