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The skies stayed stormy on this entire trip, but we seemed to be in one of the least affected areas. Mount Storelk rises above the south end of Grizzly Ridge.This shows the ascent ridge on Mount Tyrwhitt. It was probably the steepest and loosest ascent I have ever done. Rubble on slabs were also a big challenge.Ahmed Souraya poses at the summit of Grizzly Ridge. There were no difficulties getting here, but the connecting ridge to Highwood (not visible here) looked like it had some challenging sections.This shot of Mount Pocaterra rising above Pocaterra Ridge is my favorite of the day. The lighting was at its best at this point in the trip.Ahmed starts towards Highwood Ridge with Mount Arethusa on the left and Storm Mountain beyond on the right. The sharp outcrops in the saddle were the most interesting part of the traverse.Gap Mountain and Elpoca Mountain look amazing in this view to the north.Ahmed detours to the top of one of the outcrops. Mount Rae is on the left.These sections were fun, but definitely kept us on our toes!There were some incredible colors on the ridge and this particular spot had a bizarre needle-like rock on top.Eventually it cleared enough to be able to see as far as Mount Bogart (distant center) with Lougheed, Wind, and Kidd to its right. Gap Mountain and Wintour are in the foreground on the left.More of this amazing ridge with Mount Pocaterra beyond on the right.Arethusa Cirque can be seen to the left of Storm Mountain in this view from the top of Highwood Ridge.I had already been up here before when it was covered in deep snow, but it was like at completely different trip in these conditions.Mist Mountain is the highest peak I have been up in this area so far. The trip to its summit was a very memorable one on a fantastic day.You really get a sense of Gap Mountain's crazy strata with the last rays of the sun hitting them. Lawson, Inflexible and the snow-covered James Walker are on the left.