Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Yates Mountain (Barrier Lake Lookout), February 13, 2011
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McConnell Ridge has an impressive rock face on its west end. Mount Mary Barclay is on the left.Here is a telephoto shot of Mount Baldy with Tiara Peak just visible to the left.High winds over Mount McDougall and Old Baldy Mountain helped give atmosphere to this shot.The snow was completely untracked for the last stretch to the lookout and I actually had to crawl in a few places in order to make progress in deep powder.Seeing Mount Lougheed's Peak 1 through a gap was a nice surprise.This outhouse definitely has a stunning backdrop.Mount Fable is one of the front ranges most attractive mountains. Snow and late day lighting really enhance its appearance.I am not sure what this shed is for, but I loved the the tree, the shadows on the perfect snow, and Yamnuska in the distance.Mount Baldy and a frozen Barrier Lake complete this great view to the south.