Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | East End of Rundle II and GR103598, May 11, 2013
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I love this view of Ha Ling Peak towering over Whitemans Pond. The dam takes away from the scenery a bit, but the color of the water helps make up for that.The alpine meadows about two thirds of the way up are a great feature of EEOR.A Raven soars above GR103598 with Sundance Peak in the distance on the right.Goat Pond is another manmade water feature in the area but it does have beautiful surroundings. Old Goat Mountain dominates with Sir Douglas, Birdwood, and Smuts beyond on the right.I never get tired of seeing Mount Assiniboine. I hope to get back to that area again soon.EEOR was my first summit ever almost 19 years ago and I enjoyed it way more this time! From near to far above it are: Ha Ling, Lawrence Grassi, Big Sister, and Mount Lougheed in the extreme distance.The true summit of Mount Rundle is the beautiful peak on the right. it is actually considerably taller than the peak in the foreground despite appearances.Pilot Mountain is another eye catcher from almost any angle.This outlier of Rundle was impressive. The Trans Canada Highway heading towards Banff can be seen in the valley.A last look at Ha Ling and the tiny cars on the road beside Whitemans Pond. Note the tunnel where a canal feeds the pond in the bottom right corner of the photo.The inviting looking, but tick-filled meadows on the way down. Those creepy little critters keep me from sitting anywhere on grassy slopes from mid-April through June!This agitated Columbian Ground Squirrel squeaked at me as I headed back to my vehicle.