Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Eagle Mountain (aka Goat's Eye), June 17, 2016
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I thought that Mount Bourgeau looked quite impressive from the ascent slopes on Eagle Mountain. At the end of the day I went out on the outlier seen on the left.This is the best view I have ever had of Mount Selkirk, Catlin Peak, and Split Peak. Surprisingly the very pointy peak to the left of Split is unnamed.To the northeast is the Bow Valley with Cascade Mountain, Lake Minnewanka, and Mount Inglismaldie visible top center.The Monarch towers over Twin Cairns with the spectacular White Tail Peaks in the distance on the right. Howser Towers and Bugaboo Spire are visible just to the right of the highest White Tail Peak.I never tire of seeing Mount Assiniboine. It is amazing how many summits it is visible from as well as how far way you can actually still see it.The Sawback Range's vertical strata looked very impressive from this angle. The highest snowy peaks on the left are Noetic and Mystic with what I believe is Gira being the tallest on the right.Here is a closer look at Split Peak and the gorgeous spire to its left. In the distance on the right is Farnham Tower nearly 86 km away from where I am standing.This shot shows more of the peaks in the Assiniboine area including Terrapin, Magog, and Eon.Mount Howard Douglas dominates the view to the southeast. It is hard to see in this photo, but in real life Mount Lougheed, Sparrowhawk, and Old Goat were all quite obvious on the left.I had no idea the view to the west would be so amazing! Even though I have skied in this area for years I had never seen it from this angle. Monarch Ramparts and Mount Verendrye are to the far right.I loved Mount Bourgeau's profile as seen from the summit! Mount St. Bride in on the right horizon.I was surprised how much snow was still clinging to the northern cliffs this late in the season.This is what Eagle Mountain looks like from the outlier.I have seen many Gray-crowned Rosy Finches over the years, but they have always been too quick to photograph.It was definitely weird to be under the chair lift in the late spring with no snow visible.This is the rock arch on Eagle's north outlier called Goat's Eye.