Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Mosquito Mountain, July 18, 2009
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Mosquito Mtn's ridge only has one downclimb and it can be easily avoided. Noseeum is on the left.Watermelon Peak (on the left) rises above colorful Quartzite Peak and the perfectly formed Ramp.Shapely Cataract Peak (distant center) is surrounded by a sea of nameless mountains to the east.Pipestone Pass is both beautiful and frighteningly remote. Clearwater Mtn. is on the extreme right.Noseeum Mountain's glacier looks like a giant tongue. Cathedral and Stephen in the distance.Telephoto shot of Mt. Bobac (left) and the most easterly of Mt. Murchison's towers in the distance.Glaciated Mount Hector and Andromache contrast sharply with the green and lush Molar Meadows.One of my favorite peaks, Molar Mountain, makes an appearance to the southeast.