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This is the most beautiful conditions I have ever seen at Cameron Lake and I love how much snow was on Mount Custer. At this point we didn't know we wouldn't be returning here on foot after the hike.Mount Chapman and Lake Wurdeman are just some of the eye-catching features just across the American border.Early on you get this great view of Mount Alderson towering above the Carthew Lakes and beyond is the valley you use to hike back to Waterton townsite. Mount Crandell is on the distant left.Unlike last year, Rob and I were not spoiled with rare calm and warm conditions. Directly behind him is Mount Custer with Kintla and Kinnerly being the prominent peaks on the right.This was probably my favorite view from this trip even though it is not taken from the summit. The cliff face on Alderson's north side has to be one of the most impressive in the park.I am a bit jealous of the peaks just over the border in Glacier National Park as they are more jagged than most in Waterton. The small body of water on the left is Summit Lake with Cameron Lake beyondSticky Jacob's Ladder aka Sky pilot is a beautiful flower that grows high on the peaks in this area. The strange thing about it is that the leaves emit an odor that smells very much like skunk spray.Rob surveys this amazing area from the summit of Mount Carthew. I decided to explore past the summit which paid off with this view which I think really shows a sense of scale to the surroundings.Rob also decided to check out the sub-peak. The most distant peaks behind him are in an area in Montana which I really want to explore more closely.Here is a close up of Mount Alderson with Chief Mountain poking out from behind it. I am pretty sure the big peak on the right is Kaina Mountain.These tiny flowers are Moss Campion and they seem to only grow in really harsh locations.Alderson Lake is an incredible color and sits over 800 metres below the summit of the mountain of the same name.This was really cool being able to get right down where the cornice was pulling away from the steep north side of the mountain. Rob seems less affected by precarious places than I do!I had to get one more shot of this amazing area. Mount Cleveland is the giant in the distance.This unusual little tarn doesn't have a name as far as I know but it is almost connected to one of the Carthew Lakes.Rob is climbing back up for a second turn at glissading down near the upper Carthew Lakes. This was a really fun part of the trip!This was a really tame Hoary Marmot. The first time I heard one of these creature's alarm calls I thought it was a person blowing a whistle and I yelled out to see if anyone was in trouble.I really enjoyed this  alpine area especially with all the remaining snow and ice.A good portion of the long hike into Waterton included cascading creeks and waterfalls like this one. Water features always enhance the hiking experience.Almost back in Waterton after our longest adventure on foot down here (about 26 km). Vimy Peak was a welcome site and not much later we were able to celebrate our accomplishment with pizza and beer!