Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Exshaw Ridge, November 19, 2011
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Mount Fable dominates the views on most of this trip.You wouldn't know that it was -25 Celcius from looking at the beautiful blue sky! The cold temperatures helped create some amazing hoar frost on the surrounding vegetation.The patterns on the mountains to the east were a highlight of this trip.Mount Lougheed, The Windtower, and Old goat Mountain in shades of blue. The air in front of Lougheed hints at the frigid temperatures.This was my favorite angle of Mount Fable. The warm lighting and snow really enhance this peak's already fantastic features.I like the perspective of this shot with Exshaw Ridge in the foreground, then Doorjamb, next Yates, and finally Moose in the background. The last two both have fire lookouts on top.The ridge continues for quite a distance north, but I think I saw the best it had to offer.Mount Lougheed and The Windtower peek over the ridge with the more distant Mount Nestor and Old Goat Mountain on the right.Loder and Doorjamb have some of the best rock I have ever scrambled on.Mount Baldy's three summits are all visible from here.The hoar frost on this section of the ridge was amazing.