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Nick Johnson approaches the V-notch that grants access to the summit ridge. This was his first scramble and I thought he did really well (note the bike helmet!).This was my first time on the true summit as my attempt in 1995 ended on the south end of the ridge. The two highest peaks on the left of this shot are Cougar Peak and Mount Fable.Nick Johnson and Dakota Mantyka pose on the false summit with distant glaciated Mount Sir Douglas and two of the Three Sisters to their right. This trip was Dakota's idea and I am glad he suggested itMount Rundle towers over the Bow Valley and the ribbon-like Trans-Canada Highway. Mount Temple is the very snowy and pointed peak on the horizon.This is the connecting ridge from the false summit to the true one as seen from a spot below the summit. It is hard to tell, but it gets very narrow and exposed (my scariest traverse ever!).The actual summit of Mount Charles Stewart is the orange-colored peak in the center of this shot. Most people climb its southern high point (on the right) which is less challenging.Here is a wider shot of Nick and Dakota showing the scale of these surroundings more dramatically. Wind Mountain and Mount Lougheed are on the left with the Three Sisters on the right.Nick and Dakota take a quick break on the helipad with Grotto Mountain directly above them. They were both great company and did awesome on this trip!I really like this part of the trail and as you can see we were really spoiled with great conditions.I had to take one more photo of Grotto's best side with gorgeous green slopes in the foreground.It was unbelievable seeing the damage that the flood of 2013 did to Cougar Creek. The Three Sisters rising above the creek bed were a great sight as we walked back to the parking lot.