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Andrew Nugara heads northeast along the ridge to the true summit.Bizarre clouds hover above the prairies to the east. The multi-colored peak is Pigeon Mountain.Looking southeast to Lougheed's Peak 3 with the higher and more stunning Wind Mountain behind it.Mount Sparrowhawk must have the largest rock wall of any peak in Kananaskis. To its left is Bogart.Peak 1 is also a show stealer. Spray Lake and Big Sister can be seen in the distance.It would have been amazing to see Sparrowhawk's cornice break off!Andrew poses a bit to the west of the summit with Assiniboine looming to the right of him."Little Lougheed" was a fun trip I did a few winters ago.Lougheed's Peak 1 again with Canmore and the unfortunate scar on Grotto Mountain in the background.Looking west across Spray Lake. The most distant mountain in the center is Foster Peak and the ice covered summit on the right is Mount Ball.Mount Allan/Centennial Ridge's orange rock really contrasts the gray of the front ranges. Moose Mountain can be seen on the left horizon.Andrew took this photo of me standing just below the summit.Andrew descending the final scree slopes just after the crux rockbands.Another look at Sparrowhawk's huge cliffs on descent. Note the greenery at bottom right.Peak 2 looking very inviting on the way out of Spencer Creek Valley.