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I really like the way Mount Lougheed looks from the ascent ridge of Collembola South. This is the view that inspired me to climb Lougheed's Peak 2 (on the left).Mount Evan-Thomas, Packenham, and the rest of the Opal Range from the summit of Opal Ridge South.Looking south to Mount Kidd from Olympic Summit.Watermelon Peak (on the left) rises above colorful Quartzite Peak and the perfectly formed Ramp.The north peak of Mount Lougheed as seen from the Windtower. Mounts Collembola and Allan are on the left and Sparrowhawk is to the right.Boy did I have to run fast to get this shot of the fantastic rock pinnacles on Centennial Ridge!Trying to keep warm on the summit of Little Arethusa with Storm Mountain in the distance.Mount Assiniboine is my favorite mountain, especially when seen from this angle above Sunburst Lake. The shorter peaks on the left are The Towers, Naiset Point, Terrapin Mountain, and Mount Magog.A partially frozen Silverhorn Creek flows below Mount Weed near the Icefields Parkway.Another view of Mount Lougheed as seen from the ascent of Collembola North.An early morning view of the "glowing" waters of Caldron Lake with  Peyto Peak in the background.This is the rugged wilderness surrounding North and South Buller Passes as seen from the ridge below Red Peak.The incomparable environs of Caldron Lake and Peyto Peak as seen from the base of Mistaya Mountain.Sunwapta Peak has one of the most expansive summit views I've ever seen. Nigel Pk. is on the right.Mount Lougheed's north peak as seen from the true summit. Spray Lake and Big Sister can be seen in the distance.My wife, Sharon, descends the ridge below the incredible mountain known as The Fortress. The smaller peak on the right is named Gusty.Looking southeast to Lougheed's Peak 3 with the higher and more stunning Wind Mountain behind it.This fantastic view includes Mt. Rhondda, Portal Pk., Mt. Thompson, and Bow Glacier Falls.This is the gorgeous view part way up Mount Temple. Mount Deltaform is the highest peak in the background. Eiffel and Pinnacle Peak are the two closer ones on the right.Talon Peak is the unnofficial name of this spectacular mountain in a seldom seen area of the Rockies. I took this while scrambling on White Man Mountain.